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One of the many great reasons to by American made products:
...According to ABC News, almost 10,000 new jobs would be created if each American spent an extra $3.33 a week on “Made in the U.S.A.” products!

We love toys made from Recycled Materials!... Not only are these toys great for the environment because they are using materials that had a previous life, but they are also wonderful examples to children of the good things that can come from recycling. These eco-friendly toys can be made from a wide range of products, but most use recycled paper or plastic to make a completely unique toy!

Eco-friendly toys made with renewable resources are some of the best for the environment. Since a renewable resource is replenished by natural processes at a faster rate than consumption by us humans, the materials used to make these toys - materials like bamboo or cork - are naturally plentiful and replenish themselves quickly.

While many toys are made internationally, there are still many great toys that are produced in the United States, & Canada, which significantly decreases the impact that their transportation has on the environment. All our US companies use wood that is locally harvested to create their toys, which lowers the cost of transporting materials for production; while others simply make their products in the United States, which makes sending them to the end consumer less environmentally-taxing.

While exposure to true eco-friendly toys is wonderful for children, toys that foster an appreciation of the environment or teach children eco-friendly concepts are just as important. These toys help children understand the "big picture" of the Earth's system, while also teaching them the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle and how to attain it. The earlier children learn to appreciate the Earth and understand their impact on it, the more likely they are to help preserve and maintain it!

Our companies follow American standards of product safety, employee safety, and environmental protection. The shortcuts of doing it any other way is just not acceptable!

What toys are best for your child?

It seems like an easy enough question, but you don't want to buy your child a toy that isn't safe or that he isn't going to play with.

In addition to considering your child's interests and asking what he would like, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the age recommendations for the toy. For example, for younger children, it will help you avoid toys with small parts and those that pose choking hazards. But it can also help you avoid buying a toy that won't hold your child's attention and get him easily frustrated.

Children under 3 tend to put everything in their mouths. Avoid buying toys intended for older children which may have small parts that pose a choking danger. Specifically, you should avoid toys with small parts that can fit inside a choke test cylinder or no-choke testing tube, which measures 1 1/4 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches long and simulates the size and shape of a young child's throat.