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Household Cleaners & Kitchenware

Welcome to our Eco Friendly Shopping site. We offer Eco Green Products, like Eco Friendly Toys, Natural and Organic. Environmentally safe.


Made in the USA!

All natural eco friendly cleaning products, containing the power of plant and vegetable based ingredients with pure essential oils added for their cleaning properties and aromatherapy health benefits for you and your family.

We add PURE essential oils for their effective eco friendly cleaning properties, not just for their scent.

Make sure your natural products fully disclose their ingredients to you. You have a right to know what you are bringing into your house.

We disclose ALL our ingredients so that you know you're getting an eco friendly cleaning product. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!

When bringing any type of cleaner into your home it is important to remember that your family and friends could all potentially come into contact with it. Whether it is furniture polish, glass cleaner or a spot remover, these chemicals need to be effective in their job, but also safe enough bring around your loved ones. For instance, our glass surface cleaners contain essential oils, plant-based cleaning agents, natural salts, and purified water. And that's just one example of why our eco-friendly cleaning products are the best choice for your home.

Unlike other cleaners, our products are made in America and are non-toxic making them eco, pet, and child friendly. Our cleaners are also never tested on animals and are specially made to be biodegradable, meaning that their use will not harshly impact the Earth. Many of our cleaners are also enhanced with pure essential oils that not only work to clean surfaces, but also provide you with a fresh, clean scent.

If you're a fan of our eco-friendly cleaning products, be sure to check out our line of organic skincare products and aromatherapy candles as well.