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Russell Organics Squalane Face & Body Oil - 2 oz. - Ships Free!

Russell Organics Squalane Face & Body Oil - 2 oz. - Ships Free!
Russell Organics Squalane Face & Body Oil - 2 oz. - Ships Free!Russell Organics Squalane Face & Body Oil - 2 oz. - Ships Free!
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about russell organics
Russell Organics Squalane Oil is a colorless and odorless oil extracted from Olives. Unlike Squalane derived from Shark Liver, our Squalane is totally animal free.

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The human body produces Squalane naturally. Human skin needs Squalane to be moisturized and reduce the signs of aging. However, as the body ages, Squalane production decreases significantly.

Squalane Oil has the advantage of being nearly identical in composition to human sebum, resulting in fantastic absorption. Squalane Oil is appropriate for any skin type.

Squalane Oil is perhaps nature's perfect moisturizer. Ideal for the face, hands, or any part of the body in need of rejuvenation and replenishement. Reports indicate excellent results for various skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dry and rough skin, skin cracks, dermatitis, and rashes.

All Russell Organics products are Guaranteed Authentic!

Apply a few drops to the face in gentle circular motions. Allow to absorb for a few minutes. May be applied as often as desired. For hands and nail beds, apply a few drops on the cuticle area in the evening to allow the oil to fully absorb at night. For body, apply Squalane after a shower or bath, or any time the skin is in need of a boost.

Squalane is excellent as a base for makeup and as an extra moisture boost beneath a skin cream.
Beauty Junkies Unite:

"Squalane Facial Oil is, well, squalane oil. (A naturally occurring oil that moisturizes all skin types.) I’ve tried several different variations of squalane oil and can’t tell too many differences in them except I know enough to classify them as either “good squalane oil” or “other”.

“Good squalane oil” is usually derived from olive oil. It absorbs really nicely into the skin, leaves no residue, has no fragrance and is so lightweight it’s almost easy to lose track of it. “Other” squalane oil can be derived from rice bran, wheat germ or other vegetables. I really don’t prefer these types. They feel a bit heavier, almost oily."

"Amazing I love your Squalane Oil. I use it under my makeup and get great results."

...Reviewed by: Kate from Boston.

"Thank you for the recommendation during my call in with you. This is exactly what my skin needed."

...Reviewed by: Judy from Eden Prarie.

"My favorite! I can't believe this comes from olives. It soaks in so fast and for my skin works wonders."

...Reviewed by: Kat from Kansas City.

"Nice product! Its so clear and has no fragrance. I used it on my face and it soaked in right away. Skin felt really nice. Thanks"

...Reviewed by: Mattie from New York

Russell Organics begins every product formulation with a careful study of which ingredients to avoid. Every product is crafted to be toxin-free, cruelty free, and vegan. The core belief of the company is that it is not what you put in the jar that counts, but what you keep out that truly matters.

In an age of marketing hype and false claims, Russell Organics stands out as a leader in the luxury beauty category. The company is the only beauty brand to clearly list all toxins that it will never use. Do you ever wonder why you cannot find a full list of ingredients for a product? Or why brands use phrases like "key ingredients" or "formulated with..."? What are they hiding?

Russell Organics lists every ingredient on every piece of company marketing material, so you know exactly what you are buying. We never use ingredients where toxins could be hidden, such as 'fragrance.' Did you know that perfume can contain up to 800 different ingredients, and that many of those ingredients could be toxins? Have you ever sneezed or had a bad reaction to a cologne or perfume? That is your body reacting to a toxin.

Russell Organics crafts every product to Cruelty Free and Vegan standards. That means that we do not even use Beeswax in our formulas. No equipment used in our manufacturing has ever come in contact with an animal product. None of our products have ever been tested on animals. We are certified by PETA as Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Russell Organics uses only the finest botanical extracts, natural waxes, and essential oils in the market. Discover why Russell Organics is the leading luxury beauty brand today.

At Enviro Products World we are committed to bringing you the finest in Natural, & Organic Beauty and Skincare products. We are also committed to the environment. In addition to the chemical free, natural, & organic ingredients in our products we plant one tree for every item you purchase through our Trees for the Future Plant-A-Tree program.

Remember that whatever you put on your skin or hair gets absorbed into your body. This is why it is so important that the Hair Care, Body Lotions, Facial Care, Cosmetics and anything else that touches your body are safe for you.

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