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Educational, Developmental, & Fun!

Educational, Developmental, & Fun!

Our unique toy designs, based on learning theory and educational research, provide truly educational products at a reasonable price.

Introducing your children to Educational, & Developmental toys is very important to your child's learning experience. But in order for your child to get the most of this we make sure our toys are also fun.

Our toys are all non-toxic and child safe. Our wonderful USA made toys are clearly labeled throughout our Toy Store. But also be assured that the toys not made in the USA are also non-toxic and child safe....if they were not they would not be in out store!

Appropriate Ages:

Note that these lists indicate average development - the age range at which the 'average' child can he expected to achieve a particular skill or develop a specific interest. The ages in the text are only approximate. Children develop skills at uneven rates - any one child may be 'above average' in one skill and 'below average' in another skill. For an individual child, the parent is the best judge of the child's abilities and interests at any point in his or her development. Be sure to talk to your pediatrician or an early childhood development expert if you have any concerns about your child's development.